Spherical Vertex Noise

3D Noise applied to sphere vertices across time (elapsed iterations) rendered with Fluxus Shader.

Spherical Vertex Noise

Sphere Distortion / Vertex Displacement experiment with simple attraction / repulsion system. Made with processing and toxiclibs.

Sphere Distortion

Form Finding Particle Field

Form finding particle field may generate a variety of forms through simple behavioural interactions. The interactions are dependant on variables such as displacement, proximity and density.

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Form Finding Particle Field

Rigid Fragmentation

“Fragmentation, after all, is part-and-parcel with synthesis, just as cells must split so that a living being can grow,the fracturing of form coincides with its genesis” – Form finding study with the concept of fragmentation as basis. A procedural software was written with processing and 3 instances of the fragmentation process exported and printed with a ZCorp printer.

Rigid Fragmentation

Influence of Sound

Experiment with audio FFT input, perlin noise and OpenGL Lighting. Above outcomes are result of preset perlin noise levels with variable audio FFT inputs from microphone.

Influence of Sound

Sunburst Generator

Sunburst Generator, shown here is an early prototype. This project is an on going exploration.

Sunburst Generator Prototype

Based on a simple propagation behavior. This exercise simulates growth patterns via the application of branching systems described by Robert Hodgin @ flight404. The process attempts to mimic supersaturation whereby objects gain mass in relation to its size. Successive generations are diminished duplicates of their parents with variable attributes such as size and shape. Their positions are determined by random branch paths and do not display any uniformity.

Polygonal Branching Simulation

The Infinite Depth of Consciousness is a dynamic and multidimensional representation of thoughts and virtual consciousness on the internet. Utilising the Twitter API, real-time data of tweets are collected from around the world.

The visualisation gives form to conversations and collective thoughts on Twitter by means of point & click interaction with user generated content allowing for navigation through intimate details of thought and at the same time observe a larger social trend.

This experiment breaks away from more established visualisation genres by not just offering a visual pattern but also the opportunity to select and interact with the data.

Infinite Depth of Consciousness

The Sum of Three Parts is a computational approach to represent music. This project examines graphic notation and explores the possibility of expressing musical patterns and sequences as physical data sculptures.

Forms are derived from 2 dimensional graphic notations reflecting arrangements, intervals and pitch in 3 dimensional polygonal structures.

Sum of Three Parts

Flux is envisioned as a floating canopy created by applying swarm robotics to architecture.
Inspired by nature, this experiment aims to convey a soothing experience to its visitors providing a relaxing, meditative space to commune.
Rather then to express the literal image of technology, the goal is to create technological ambience.

Flux, Floating Canopy